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Taking the CliftonStrengths assessment and then having a coaching session with Alexandra was an eye-opening moment and great comfort for me. Discovering what is my real potential and understanding why somethings are hard for me to execute.

- Nathaniel M.

Thanks so much, Alex, for the coaching sessions. For the first time, I was based on the results of the assessment; I was able to articulate in my own words my full potential. I truly recommend anyone to hire Alex as a Strengths coach.

- Clara Marcela B.

I wanted to reinvent myself, so a friend of mine told me about Alex and how helpful her session was for her. I decided to take the assessment and then to have some sessions with Alex, and frankly, it was the best thing I have done to learn about myself.

Now that I have discovered my beautiful strengths, I can make better choices about what jobs are better suited for myself. Thanks so much, Alex, for your kindness

- Cristina C.

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