Meet Alexandra

Certified Strengths Coach

Alexandra’s professional background and civic engagement highlight her passion for building strong communities and supporting others as they strive for success. Alexandra understands the needs of entrepreneurs, business people and civic leaders because she walks in their shoes. As founder of ContigoCreative, a boutique marketing, and public relations firm, she uses her bilingualism and cultural acumen to coach clients to build authentic, lasting relationships with those they serve. She is a respected leader in Memphis and has been honored for her active role in the city’s most iconic events and influential committees, boards and fundraisers.


These experiences all enrich Alexandra’s coaching. She knows what it takes to build something from scratch or to breathe new life into an existing entity. Her hands-on approach has helped her learn every aspect of the projects she undertakes, from big-picture visioning to executing the smallest details. She embraces change as an opportunity to grow, yet also honors the traditions and core values that individuals and organizations are grounded in.

These are all lessons Alexandra shares with her clients to help them break through barriers and find new paths to growth. The GallupStrengths model allows her to share her knowledge and proven techniques while using the creativity she has honed working with diverse clients on innovative marketing and communications campaigns, team management, event development, coalition building, strategic planning, and more. 


Coaching is Alexandra’s passion, and she looks forward to using her insightful and perceptive style to understand your needs and act as your partner in creating solutions that represent you – your vision, your values, your dreams.

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