Are You a Good Manager?

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

A lot of managers wrestle with this question. Workers who are a part of the current and upcoming generations are asking for something different. They want something more. Now more than ever, people want a great job. We can help.

Listen to Jim Harter, coauthor of It's the Manager and Gallup Chief Workplace Scientist, discuss what employees look for in a job, the importance of you to your company's success, and why It's the Manager will be your best resource to become the leader you want to be.

So, there's a new will of the current workplace where workers in this current generation are asking for something different. They're more aware today about what a great job can be. That could be due to the increase in technology and awareness. But they want something more than what a job has been in the past. They want a job to be blended, they know that their work is going to be blended into their life, and they want, they want work that defines their purpose. Not just a job, but their purpose. They're looking for a job that has a coach, not just a boss. They don't want to settle for a boss that just is an expert on their weaknesses, they want someone who focuses on their strengths. This new workplace is looking for not just an annual review, but continuous conversations. They don't want to just be satisfied with their work, they want to develop. And so we have a new workforce coming into play now that is looking for something much different than what previous generations have looked for in work. And they prioritize work at a different level. WATCH VIDEO


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